Hand Lay Up Guide


Polyester Resin with Wax (non-air inhibited), or without Wax (air inhibited)

Polyester Resin will not cure in the presence of air. To get around this problem, a very small amount of paraffin wax is mixed in solution with the resin. In the curing process, the wax rises to the surface in a very thin film and excludes the air from coming in contact with the resin, allowing it to cure very hard on the surface. Waxed resin will cure with a satin finish. This means it will not alow for a good bond for the next coat of resin. Waxed resin is used for one coat glasswork, or for the last coat of resin in a laminating schedule, or for any layer in a laminate that has to be sanded. As long as the waxed surface has been sanded, there will be good bond for the next layer. Waxed resin can be used for multiple layer work as long as each layer is applied on top of a wet layer. Waxed resin is often referred to as Finishing Resin.


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